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Milwaukee's decriminalization of marijuana - good or bad?

In my small Wisconsin city, population around 10,000, if you get caught with any amount marijuana, it is a criminal offense. The County jail here is usually well populated with marijuana possession offenders. I find some of these charges to be really stupid, and personally I think possession of marijuana should be decriminalized.

I understand that Milwaukee has ordinances which override the criminality, so in certain jurisdictions possession is just a slap on the wrist with a monetary fine. I am wondering if the residents of Milwaukee are okay with this? Do they feel that this has become a bigger problem because of the ordinance? Did it make any difference at all?

I am sure that there is good and bad to these situations, but, as we seem to have more and more severe drug cases, like heroin & prescripton drugs, I would rather see marijuana decriminalized and keep the harsher punishments for more potent drugs.

I would love to hear others opinions on this also.

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