No surprise that cannabis alters brain

In a few recent news stories, there is talk about MRI studies that were done, which don't definitely say one way or another what cannabis does to specific parts of the brain, but, seem to be negative in nature. I think pretty much everyone knows that cannabis has mind-altering effects, since it has been widely publicized as a way to help creativity. How many artists and musicians are known for using it? A lot of them, so I guess I just feel like these new articles are only put out there to create a negative spin to the use of cannabis. Like there isn't already enough of that out there. I hope that all supporters will write posts to help offset the BS articles that the media is running with. I'm so tired of the lies being fed to the people about cannabis. Enough already! Source article - A good story in response to the above - Another good rebuttal -


To quote your article: "which don't definitely say one way or another what cannabis does to specific parts of the brain, but, seem to be negative in nature." hahahahah just more "reefer madness" propaganda. The article clearly states that it doesn't definitively say one way or another but in the same breath says but seems to be negative? lol! Clearly written by people on a sinking prohibition funded ship. Anchors away mate, anchors away! Cannabis has been proven in several studies to "conclusively" increase new brain cell production. Which would explain the apparent lack of new brain cell production of most of the parrots spouting government propaganda.

I'm tired of reading nothing on this page except you going on about this ONE subject. Just out of curiosity do you have any other interests? They said on the news tonite even with the legalization for seizures the state of Wisconsin has no plans to take it past that any time soon. go to Colorado where everyone agrees with you. the state of Wisconsin doesn't

I think you are living in the dark ages if you think that the only place that people agree with this is in Colorado. lol

Tired of me going on about this ONE subject? Are you retarded? I replied a grand total of one time to a posted article. This reply being the 2nd. Am I not allowed to reply to this article? I could see a valid point if I had actually gone on and on as you assert. Are you just stewing because people see things different than you do? Sorry it's America. We can all speak without needing your approval. You are too slow to realize that 2 states have completly legalized this. 21 states have legalized the medicinal use of it. As well as 3 cities that exist in medicinal states have also passed laws legalizing the possesion and use. Most politicians blocking this type of legislation will find themselves out of work soon. Ranting and your whining aside. Here is a factual summation of your unfactual hit piece:

"Also note that the study did not identify any cognitive or behavioral abnormalities in the cannabis users versus controls -- it was strictly an MRI study.

That, however, didn't stop senior author Hans Breiter, MD, of Northwestern from opining in the SfN press release that the study "raises a strong challenge to the idea that casual marijuana use isn't associated with bad consequences."

Um, no, it doesn't -- not without before-and-after MRI scans showing brain structure changes in users that differ from nonusers and documentation of functional impairments associated with those changes."

Have a great day being miserable! Glad to know what I do affects you so much! Makes me want to post more often! ;)

If you are tired of reading their posts stop coming here. We are all sick of you crying about it like a little girl who hasn't gotten her way. So you base what is going to happen on what you see on the news? hahahahahahahaha! What will you do when the news reports a topic you don't approve of? Probably have a stroke crying about it. As for your bunk statement "go to Colorado where everyone agrees with you" You are dumb. At last polling about half of the registered voters in Wisconsin support legalization. Of course you would have had to watch a news story you didn't approve of. East Germany fell or I would recommend you for a job. You missed your calling sitting on a wall with a gun killing people who think different than you. "According to statewide poll by the Marquette University Law School, about half of Wisconsin’s registered voters support the legalization of marijuana. The survey shows that 49.7 percent of voters are for legalization, 44.9 percent are opposed and 4.7 percent are not sure."...Looking forward to your reply or news your dead. Either way I wait with baited breath.

with the name of this site being what it is i would think this sort of topic would be expected.

Well your blog put the article about the sex offender further down the page. people who only read this page occasionally and that story gets buried i guess no one really needs to know about that. You keep going on. it is America and you do have the right to say what you think. but i and everyone else also has the right to disagree with you. we also have the right to want to hear about eother subjec,t.

I don't think you have a grasp how this site works. First off it isn't my blog. I have no blog here. So my blog didn't do a damn thing. I commented on a blog posted here. Again a blog that wasn't and still isn't mine. You can disagree all you would like using a rebuttal presenting fact. If you present swill offered as fact. People like myself will come on "someones" blog and set you straight with the facts. If you correct me I am happy to accept it if it is proven a fact. If not you should accept the correction. As for how articles are posted. Your assertion that the article was buried makes you look like a goofy. Stories post as they are submitted. If it got "buried" it would only be because you waited a week or 2 later to come and read the story. I don't even run this site or know who does and I can figure that much out. Feel free to message the admin and I'm sure they will be happy to reassure you that you are delusional about your "burying" of stories. Google "Run from the cure" How Cannabis oil is curing Cancer. Not hyperbole, fact. There if you took the time to watch that movie. You did something productive with your time instead of whining about a plant you misunderstand. Take care!

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