CNN pot legalization article holds much truth

I must admit that I was a bit surprised to see an article on about legalization of pot. Why? Well, because they are not talking about medical marijuana, but, recreational use of marijuana. Apparently some states are looking at passing laws for just that. The 3 states mentioned are Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

It has baffled me for years now that marijuana has remained illegal while alcohol quickly regained legality after prohibition.

In this day and age of media, of all sorts, the truth has become apparent and maybe people are finally getting it through their thick skulls that pot is NOT dangerous. It was just another lie that our government has been feeding us for years. One of so many lies, but it has been proven with evidence, which has become hard to refute.

I, myself have been pro-pot at times in my life and also anti-pot at times. To me, the drug is no worse than a good caffeine with sugar buzz (ok maybe add some nicotine too), but, the consequences of being caught with it can have life-changing effects. I think it is much safer than alcohol, as research has also shown.

I guess to me the big question is not why change the laws but why not? I don't see any real issues here, other than the police having more time to deal with more serious crimes, like rape and homicide.

For those against the legalization of it, if you really read all the information out there and make a TRUE educated decision, I think a high majority of people would agree that there really is no reason for pot to remain illegal.

Here is a link to the artilce on - Why not legalize pot?


I think a big part of the problem is exactly what you stated, the police will have more time on their hands, God forbid we cut down on the number of police officers...

The older people seem to be the ones who are against legalization and the older they get, the less they will matter since the younger ones will be taking the power positions over.

There are so many benefits to support legalization and so few to not support it. It's stupid that it hasn't already been done. It's only pot, seriously!?!

LEGALIZE - It's long overdue

I heard that Colorado and Washington passed this, rumor or truth, I'm not sure...

Excellent post! The younger generation will certainly make it happen, they haven't been tainted by those stupid commercials and all the propaganda and lies that were spewed to the public in earlier years.

Right!! It is a plant for God's sake! Imagine all the possibilities surrounding legalization, it can be grown here, so the government could make huge amounts of money on taxes, along with production, etc. Legalization is a win-win for sure.

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