Pot Legalization - How long will the Feds hold out?

So, in the headlines today I see that 2 states have passed laws allowing the use of recreational marijuana. Many other states, 17 of them according to NBC, have already passed laws allowing medical marijuana use. Since everything in politics seems to come down to money, I'm sure that as more states follow suit, and more money is thrown around, the Federal laws will be changed also. The thirty-somethings, like myself, seem much more open to the idea of legalization as the generations before us and we have already seen huge leaps and bounds in the state aspect of it. Maybe, just maybe, we as a society are starting to listen to each other instead of the propaganda. As others have posted, I don't think marijuana is harmful and it certainly is better than alcohol. My hope is that people see the TRUTH and that is all. The Federal Government needs to just swallow the fact that the current laws that prohibit marijuana are not based on truth, they are based on lies. The way that the laws were passed was completely ridiculous. They couldn't make it illegal for us to INGEST a drug, so instead make it illegal for us to possess it. To me, those laws were violations of our rights and should never have been passed. So, with the communication tools that we have today and the ease of sharing actual proof and evidence of the lies that were told to the American people about pot, it's high time that the Feds come around and do the right thing also - legalize!


History repeats itself. How long was alcohol illegal before the feds reversed it?

It's all about the money

Marijuana is illegal for a reason, it is an awful drug. I hope the Feds never 'come around' as you put it.

It was all a big lie and the people of this country are not stupid enough to believe it anymore. It could be very beneficial to legalize it and I think that they will, but, they are going to wait and see how things go in these states first, so I hope they realize that everyone is watching and looking for excuses to keep it illegal.

I think the feds will sit back and watch how things go in the states and I'm sure eventually they will legalize also. It's probably all part of their plan...

I sure hope that Colorado & Washington will make great headway for all the other states, they are taking a huge step and EVERYONE will be watching.

tax money, tax money

It sure seems like the general consensus is to legalize. I don't think there is much of a fight anymore for prohibition. This sort of reminds me of the whole big tobacco thing and look how long that went on before people starting seeing the truth about cigarettes.

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